2022 A Future with Hope

A Future With Hope

Submit your 2022 Stewardship Pledge at any time.  

There are two ways you can both make your pledge and contribute a financial gift:


You can fill out the 2022 Stewardship Pledge card you received by mail (if you are a member) or contact the church office.  The cards can be mailed in or dropped off.


Send a confidential email to Kristie Johns, Church Administrator, pledges@pleasanthillpc.org, with the details of your pledge.

Friends, as we look forward to 2022 and what God has in store for PHPC, I find myself praying for our congregation in its past, present, and future. I pray with gratitude for our past – for the faithful handful of members who chartered this church in 1985, who gave so generously of their money, time, and talents to grow PHPC into something much larger than they could have imagined, with beautiful buildings, glorious worship, and a congregational heart for serving our community. I pray with deep joy for our present – for who we are now, the many diverse individuals who worship together on Sundays and gather for study, fellowship, and service, who warmly welcome new members into the PHPC family, who are giving generously and prayerfully discerning how God is calling us to live and serve in this community, 36 years after we began. And I pray with hope for our future – for the new ways in which the Spirit is moving us to follow Jesus’ command to love God and love our neighbors, for those who are not yet members of this congregation, for the plans I cannot yet see, but trust that God has for us. Your generosity opens the door wide to this future, enabling us to continue our ongoing, daily ministry while preparing for what God is calling us to do next. I’m inviting you to trust, along with your Session and staff, in the work we will do this coming year, and to invest in our future with hope.


Katie Day